Shosuro Hisao

Foster Father of Shosuro Kenzo

Shosuro Hisao is a respected samurai and teacher. He spent most of his adult life in a small village far to the West. He moved to Shiro no Shosuro nearly twenty years ago on his daimyo’s orders, in order to raise and train Kenzo. It was his close friend, Shosuro Taro’s last request, and he could not deny it.

Hisao-sama is a master of the Shosuro Shinobi School. He is well-versed in the secret techniques of shadow and steel. In addition, he trained with several masters of the Doji Courtier School, and has gained a keen understanding of the art of diplomacy.

Despite his great knowledge, he has been perfectly content to remain in relative seclution, imparting his lessons to his solitary pupil. He is never seen at court, and has not made much of a name for himself outside of Scorpion lands. A few courtiers and diplomats have guessed that there might be more to him than meets the eye, but, as with any high ranking member of the Scorpion clan, inquiries into his past have met with no success.

Shosuro Hisao

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