Kitsune Toshiro

Toshiro was born to a small noble house of the Kitsune Clan, and the youngest of three brothers. Most of the family was too preoccupied with their own endeavors, while not wholly neglecting Toshiro, they provided him with only the smallest amount of concern. Nevertheless, Toshiro earned his gempukku in with ease.

One of his first tasks was to join an entourage headed to Tani Senshio and given the task of exchanging gifts to renew relations between the Centipede and Kitsune clans. It was a simple task, and one he found enriching since it was his first journey outside of Kitsune territory. It was here he met a young samurai named Akodo Tamaki whom also had recently completed her gempukku. She was in Tani Senshio as part of a group of young Lion samurai sent to honor the resolution of the attempted Lion takeover of Centipede lands, a gesture to ensure that the Lion not forget who the Centipede are and why such an event not happen again.

Toshiro and Tamaki get along very well, spending almost all of their free time together for the few short days Toshiro is in Tani Senshio. After the two are separated they keep up writing to one another until Tamaki finally comes to see Toshiro in Kyuden Kitsune, but she brings sad news that she has been called to fight in a war in Lion lands. 2 They spend two days with one another and she promises him that she will send word once she is done so that he may visit her family’s lands. No word ever comes.

The one thing that Tamaki did mention was that she was to report to an Akodo Kaneka, so Toshiro attempted to seek him out to enquire what had happened. Not only did he get no direct reply from Akodo Kaneka, but some Lion samurai showed up to ask him questions and tell him to forget about Tamaki, she had married another and wanted nothing to do to with Toshiro. So a second letter was sent. This time Toshiro got a reply, rebuffing his enquiries, telling him Great Clan affairs were of no concern to someone beneath him. He also told him he had never heard of an Akodo Tamaki, and any further annoyance would be considered a challenge of honor to be met sword on sword.

Saddened, Toshiro drowned himself in his duties and abandoned love, replacing that emotion with the dulling sensation of drink and lust. His family took little notice of his despair other than to chastise him further for his poor behavior. Seeking to escape both his family and the things that reminded him of Tamaki, he set off on the road out of Kitsune lands.

Through happenstance he found himself part of a group of young samurai dispatched on errands throughout Rokugan. Their adventures led to a small amount of fame, and much honor. However after a decade of service, Toshiro felt it was time for a change. In the Crane province of Kougen Toshiro found a small town with a very ancient moss-covered shrine and settled down. It was in this town that he felt his calling and opened a small school near the old shrine.

Since that time Toshiro has helped guide many young samurai on their paths. He refuses no one on the basis of clan or background, but does ascertain that the will of the individual is pure. He has never married, but is known to carry on quite a lot of correspondence with women throughout the empire.

Kitsune Toshiro

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