Hida Suzuko

Years of harsh battle have marked Hida Suzuko’s features with lines of worry and care. The scars of betrayal and battle, however, do not weigh her down. She stands upright despite her age, with dark hair streaked with silver and a formidable stature. She can still wield a Dai Tsuchi with the best of her students, and has been known to set unruly young bushi right by showing them just how tough an old warrior can be. Signs of her Crane heritage can still be seen in her steely blue eyes, her still graceful movement, and the ornamentation of her daisho, though she has dedicated the past 18 years of her life to the Crab clan.

Daughter of Daidoji Hanzo and Akemi of the Mantis, Suzuko and her family was dishonored and made ronin, cut free from the Crane Clan after the death of her father. She has always suspected, and these suspicions were confirmed by her father’s ghost and a small group of samurai, that her mother murdered her father, fabricating the offenses that caused her dishonor.

She spent a deal of time as Ronin, and even as a bandit. Defeated by the same samurai who laid her father’s ghost to rest, she was given a chance to redeem herself in the Imperial Legions, thanks to the influence of Kitsune Toshiro.

After two years of service in the Legions, she was assigned to the Wall. She has remained in the service of the Crab ever since, and was offered fealty to the Hida family after a particularly fruitful 20 Goblin Winter.

She still remains in contact with Toshiro and his friends, and has in the past few years retired from active duty on the wall to train young Crab bushi and to take more personal management of her estates near the Crane border.

Hida Suzuko

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