The Year was 915…

It all began simply, 4 promising Samurai assigned to assist the Imperial Magistrates and Imperial Corps of Mapmakers. It quickly became a story of betrayal, redemption, insurrection and intrigue. Driven originally by a hatred of one man and discovering a web of deceit that spanned the Empire, these men performed their duty, and in the course improved many lives.

The Year is 935

For the past twenty years, this group of Magistrates, Sensei, Imperial Beurocrats and loyal servants of the Emperor have remained in touch, an informal society they like to call the Shinri-O Gumi. Unable to take open action, they have kept a vigilant eye upon those suspected of involvement in the conspiracy. Each has had their own impact on the next generation. This is the story of those successors; it is the turn of a new generation to take up the burden.

In Rokugan Honor is a force more powerful than Steel

For the Empire!

Legend of the Five Rings: Judgement

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