House Rules

Anachronistic Families
Anachronistic schools (ex: Tsuruchi Archer) may still be played as a ronin band, using True Ronin method 2 (L5R 4ed p 234)
  • No Family trait bonus, must purchase Social Disadvantage: Ronin, Begin with the Rank 1 technique and 10 extra xp, and must seek further training upon advancing insight rank.
Void Points: aka “Drama Void”

Void points may be spent after making a roll to add 1k1 to the total as well as before. Dramatic, memorable, and particularly in-character actions can refresh Void just like drama dice from 7th Sea. Unlike 7th Sea, excess void points do not become xp at the end of a session.

Adventure Log

Posting your characters journal to the adventure log is worth 1 xp/session.

House Rules

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