Shosuro Kenzo


Name: Shosuro Kenzo
Clan: Scorpion School: Shosuro Shinobi School Glory: 1.5
Rank: 1 Insight: 145 Status: 1
Experience: 7 You Lost the Game Honor: 1.8
Earth: 2 Stamina: 2
Willpower: 2
Water: 2 Strength: 2
Perception: 2
Fire: 2 Agility: 2
Intelligence: 2
Air: 3 Reflexes: 3
Awareness: 3
Void: 2
Skills Attribute Rank Roll Emphasis
Acting Aware : 3 6k3(4) -5 TN: Disguise
Athletics Str : 2 4k2
Calligraphy Int : 2 4k2
Courtier Aware : 4 7k3(4) +3 insight
Craft: poison Various : 2
Defense Ref : 4 7k3 May retain previous Def/Ref roll if maintaining Full Defense
Etiquette Aware : 1 4k3(4)
Investigate Per : 2 4k2
Kenjutsu Agi : 4 7k3 +1k0 damage
Lore: Underworld Int : 2 4k2
Ninjutsu Aware/Ref : 1
Sincerity Aware : 2 5k3(4)
Stealth Agi : 3 8k3 sneaking; Simple move: Water x5
Advantages Disadvantages
Benten’s Blessing: +0k1 to social rolls True Love: Akodo Ayame
Quick: if you did not act first, +Ref to initiative Sworn Enemy (Major): Akodo Kaneka
Sacred Weapon: Shosuro Blade Dark Secret : Maho-Tsukai
Ally (6 pts.): Hida Suzuko
Blackmail (2 pts.): Seppun Kazumi

Equipment: Light Armor, Sturdy Black Clothing, Daisho, Bow, Traveling Pack, Traveling Clothes, Fancy Kimono, Fancy Clothes

Weapon Shosuro Blade Shuriken
Roll 7k3 4k3
DR 6k2 1k1
Special poison +5 TN when delivered Can be poisoned
Armor Light Armor: TN Bonus +3 (+5 TN: Stealth & Athletics)
TN to be hit 18
Initiative 4k3
1) Path of Shadows Lose no honor when using Low Skills or Ninjutsu in the service of the Scorpion Clan. +2k0: Stealth.

Experience spent: 8/19/10 – Investigate 2(3xp), Calligraphy 2(2xp)


Shosuro Taro’s last act on this world was to ensure his son’s upbringing. He presented himself to his daimyo and asked that he be allowed to commit sepukku in order to preserve the honor of his family and Clan. The daimyo granted the request, and agreed to be his second. He also agreed to foster Taro’s son, the four year-old Kenzo, with a respected teacher.

Shosuro Kenzo was placed in the care of Shosuro Hisao, a great teacher and a friend of Taro’s. He spent his youth learning the secret arts of the Shosuro family from Hisao-sama. The hidden blade, the shadowed death…he learned it all. He also learned the arts of courtly intrigue at his master’s feet. He learned that a well-placed sword could cut a man, but a well-placed word could cut a Clan.

As he grew, in between the lessons imparted by his foster father, Kenzo learned the story of his true family. He learned of his family’s honor. He learned the truth of his mother’s death at the hand of Kaneka’s thugs. He learned of his father’s great sacrifice. He learned how Taro’s sepukku effectively halted Akodo Kaneka’s plot to dishonor him, his family, and his clan.

On the day of his gempukku, Shosuro Kenzo swore a secret oath. While he pledged his loyalty to his Daimyo and to the Clan, he secretly vowed to his ancestor’s that he would finish the work his father started. He would see Akodo Kaneka exposed as a dishonorable dog, and would destroy him and his family.

Fate is not without a sense of humor, however. Shortly after his gempukku, Kenzo was asked to travel with a small contingency of samurai as an envoy to a neighboring estate. On this trip he met and befriended a young samurai-ko named Akodo Kaede.

What began as a friendship, developed quickly into a romance. Their duties did not allow much free time, but what little there was, they spent together. Their connection grew and, despite their better judgement, their love flourished. Once the assignment ended, however, they were forced to separate. It was as they said their good byes that Kenzo’s world was crushed. It was not until then that he learned that Kaede’s father was none other than Akodo Kaneka.

Kenzo has spent the last few months trying to reconcile his love for Kaede with his oath of vengance. He can see no way out of this predicament, and does not know whom he can turn to for advice.

Kenzo is a handsome young man. He is athletically built, though the stylish robes and kimonos he favors tend to hide this fact. His eyes shine with a keen intellect, though his thoughts are often clouded by his emotions. At first glance, he may come off as vain, and possibly a bit vapid. He maintains this pretense in order to disarm his foes.

Like his father, he was trained in the techniques of the Shosuro School, however, he is much more adept at assassination than espionage. His heart tends to get the best of him, and he loses patience quickly. A trait that is undesireable when gathering information.

Shosuro Kenzo

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