Kitsuki Keikaze

Tall and lean, Keikaze always dresses simply. When he wears more than pants and shoes it is the most simple of monks robes. He keeps his head shaved bald, but his Fu-Manch style mustache is long and flowing.


Kituski family

Togashi School

Rings: Attributes

Air 3: Reflex,3; Awareness,3

Earth 2: Stamina,2; Willpower,2

Fire 2: Agility,3; Intelligence,2

Water 2: Strength,2; Perception,2

Void 3


Artisan(Fung Sui) 1

Athletics 3 (No impede moderate?)

Defense 3 (May Keep Previous Defense Roll)

Craft Tattooing 1

Jiu Jutsu 4 (extra 1k0 damage, extra 0k1 damage[HoS])

Lore (Law) 2 (Extra 1k1[FKB])

Meditation 1 (Extra 1k0)

Investigation (Notice) 2

All Lore Skills 1


Bamboo-TNTBH increases by School Rank+5 to Defense

Wind- Extra Simple Action Per round


Sage- All Lore Skills=1 Rank

Hands of Stone-Unarmed damage gets extra 0k1

Clear Thinker- Extra 0k1 vs confusion tactics

Fukuro Kujin Blessing (Law)- Extra 1k1 to law skill.

(Story) Hero of the People-Advantages dealing with the commoners, recognized by commoners

(Story) Friend of the Brotherhood- Gain Kiho at Brotherhood Monk cost


Compulsion- Defend the Weak (4 point major compulsion)

Ascetic-Own nothing

Soft-hearted- Negatives if I kill

(Story) Driven- Revenge


Soul of the Four Winds- Armor TN increases by Air Ring

Items Inherited family book of koans- +1k0 to meditation checks

XP: Total- 17 Current-1

Spent- 4(Kiho; Soul of the 4 Winds)
      12-(Agility 2->3)

__ “Enlightenment cannot be found while those around you suffer, nor can the height of enlightenment be reached by stepping on your fellow man.” -Kitsuke Keikaze

He had been at his family’s top school for a year when the wind whispered to him. Keikaze was the second son of a well known magistrate. His fore-fathers had all worked in supporting the laws of the empire in one way or another. His older brother was just about to finish his own training as a magistrate. Keikaze was well liked by his teachers and expectations for his future in the study and enforcement of the empires laws were very high. Then one spring morning Keikaze woke early as the wind whistled loudly in his room. The wind seemed to to have a voice. “Togashi calls, seek Kenji.” The wind continued until he finished breakfast. Every morning until breakfast, every night after dinner, and all night in his dreams the wind haunted him. The phrase repeating like the a meditation mantra. It ruined his focus, making his studies impossible. After 1 week of this he announced to his family he was leaving school to go to the monastery where the tattooed monk Kenji was known reside and teach. During his time with Kenji he has found peace in the pursuit of enlightenment, and feels the path of enlightenment runs parallel to the paths of justice and wisdom.

Another path that Keikaze is very open to is the paths created in the world around him by the living Chi. In his attempts to make all peoples’ lives better he is constantly attempting to guide the flow of these positive energies in all the places he finds himself so as to make them as conducive to inspiring joy in people as possible.

Recently Togashi Kenji received an invite that he both could not refuse and could not attend. After meditation Kenji says that the winds/forces that have always randomly guided him have told him to send Keikaze in his place. As such Keikaze has obtained an invite to a party that is sure to be one of the social events of the year. He worries that he is out of practice in the fine art of court etiquette as Kenji was not a very good teacher in this as he cared little for practices of court etiquette beyond the usual niceties he normally extends to all as part of his path to enlightenment… which, Keikaze is sure, is the reason so many people seem unsettled by Kenji’s presence/demeanor. He is also very excited for the opportunity to travel and see, as Kenji has taught him to expect, where the winds of chance may take him.

Keikaze is also not a boy named Sue.

Sometimes he simply sets back and watches…perhaps he is waiting…maybe he is judging.

Kitsuki Keikaze

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