Kakita Seiji

He who smells of sakura...


Rank: 1

Insight: 110

2 – Earth

3 - Stamina  
2 - Willpower

2 – Water

2 - Strength
2 - Perception

2 – Fire

3 - Agility
2 - Intelligence

3 – Air

3 - Reflexes
3 - Awareness

2 – Void


Iaijutsu (Focus)                       rank - 3
Kenjutsu (Katana)                      rank - 3
Kyujutsu                               rank - 1
Etiquette                              rank - 3
Sincerity                              rank - 1
Tea Ceremony                           rank - 1
Perform  (Flute)                       rank - 1
Courtier                               rank - 2
Investigate                            rank - 1


Sacred Weapon: Kakita Blade     (5)
Ally (Major)                    (3)
  - Shiba Shotaru
Strength of the Earth           (2)
Crab Hands


Cursed by the Realm             (4)
 - Maigo no Musha
True Love                       (3)
 - Shiba Shotaru
Phobia                          (3)
 - Spiders
Bitter Betrothal


Breath of Wind Style               (3)


Kakita Blade


Light Armor

Sturdy Clothing


Traveling Bag

-tea set
-bottle of sake
-sake cup
-weeks rations
-pillow book
-small tent
-flint and tender
-finger of jade
 -1 koku (Finger of Jade)

“A man’s life should be valued by his service to those who cannot protect themselves, not to those who take it” ~ Kakita Seiji


Kakita Seiji, born 917 to Kakita Tomou and Doji Kana, is a direct descendant of Lady Doji and Kakita Shimizu. Seiji was the second of 3 children, all boys. He was said to have his mother’s silver tongue, and his father’s swiftness. He was given the best of both worlds.

At a young age, Seiji excelled at the art of the blade, like his father. Seiji raced towards the top of the class and never once faltered from his postion. While also having a talent for maneuvering around the courts. On the day of his gempekku, he was handed a blade made by the greatest weapon smith in the Crane Clan. To this day, he never takes it from his side as a symbol of his families position and power.

It is said that he is the most elegant of the 3 children, taking after his mother’s side. He keeps well groomed and only wears the finest clothes, as one from his family should. He has been known to try to diffuse situations with words over cold steel. But when words no longer work, he relies on steel. It has been said that when he strikes a man down, the last thing they smell is sakura (cherry blossoms).

Seiji and Shotaru were the closest of friends, as were both of their fathers. While many saw this as harmless, it grew to be much more. Shiba Shotaru and Seiji fell in love, and has since kept it hidden. Their rendezvous are seen as old friends reuniting, and kept as harmless in others eyes.

Seiji’s family had a close bond to Shiba Toshi, The Jade Champion, and his family. Many times Toshi and Tomou would take both children out to camp, and hunt. Seiji’s father would always tell him that Toshi’s heart was soft but his fist were steel. He was always kind and in good humor around them. They both idolized him.

On the first night they made their secret bond of intimacy, Shotaru gave Seiji his first Naginata, which he had engraved, *“For he who walks the path of the Full Moon.” And Shotaru was given Seiji’s first katana. Seiji never used it, but keeps it on him at all times, as does Shotaru. The same way their fathers did, to show the bond of their two families.

Seiji is also an accomplished musician, playing the flute given to him by his mother, whom passed away. Seiji finds his playing to be his center, it puts him into a state of calm and tranquility. He plays whenever possible, but usually only to himself. Not really one to give a audience, he will play in front of others when faced with no other options. Whenever you do hear him play, he is usually playing a song that reminds him of Shotaru.

Seiji isn’t above the normal discrimination between the clans, but refuses to act upon them. He is pleasant and polite to all. Scorpion being the exception.


Tomou, upon being invited to the Bon Festival by Seppun Ayamu, an old acquaintance. Asked Seiji to take his place. Seiji, being the middle child, isn’t usually asked to make appearances for the family. That is usually left to his older brother Tonaka, a Courtier, whom was also too busy to attend. So Seiji met Shotaru and proceeded to travel to the festival together, making a stop at the residence of Doji Haruki. On his father’s behest…

  • a very old joke, when Shotaru and Seiji were children, Shotaru hid down a path at night. As Seiji ran down the path trying to find him he was greated by Shotaru’s “full moon.”

Kakita Seiji

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