Kakita Muneyoshi

Kenshinzen Sensei


Kakita Bushi 5, Kenshinzen 3


After parting ways with the Shinri O Gumi, Muneyoshi continued on his musha shugyo until he realized he was challenging the wrong people. So several years after leaving Shiro Sano Kakita he returned and challenged his way into the Kenshinzen. Since attaining status as a Kenshinzen he has spent his time finishing his treatise on “The Sword” and teaching students. He has been residing in Shiro Sano Kakita, leaving only to visit his friends and carry out any orders he is given.

When he is not teaching at the academy or required elsewhere he is typically found around his estate trying to put his theories about swordsmanship into practice. He is often found in the company of a wide variety of personages from other warriors to farmers and artists.

Kakita Muneyoshi

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