Ronin Archer of the Wasp Brotherhood


Ronin of the Wasp Brotherhood
Tsuruchi Archer: Rank 2
Insight: 151 Experience: 60

Air: 3
Awareness 3
*Reflexes 3
Earth: 2
*Willpower 2
*Stamina 2
Fire: 2
*Intelligence 2
*Agility 2
Water: 3
*Perception 3
*Strength 3
Void: 2

Skill Rank Roll Emphasis
Athletics 1 4k3
Defense* 1 4k3
Hunting* 2 5k3
Investigation* 2 5k3
Kyujutsu* 3 7k3 Yumi
Etiquette* 3 6k3
Animal Handling 2 5k3
Knives 1 3k2
Jiujutsu 1 3k2
Craft: Bowyer 2 4k2
Meditation 1 3k2
Lore: Law 1 3k2
Lore: Nature 1 3k2
Courtier 3 6k3
Tea Ceremony 1 3k2
Medicine 1 3k2

Social Disadvantage: Ronin
Bad Fortune: Unkown Enemy
Fascination: Falconry
Driven: to see those who wronged his family brought to justice

Inner Gift: Animal Ken
Friend of the Brotherhood
Wasp Longbow


Hayabusa was born to an unmarried samurai-ko and was never acknowledged as her son. He was sent to live in a temple in the Crane lands, but never he never took to the religious life. From a young age he was typically found in the forests capturing whatever animals he thought he could keep. At one point he brought home a small bear, he was promptly sent to another temple after returning the bear to the wild. Since that time he has travelled throughout Rokugan journeying from temple to temple, training dogs, falcons, and even horses just for the hell of it.

Since he was around 10 years old Hayabusa has travelled around Rokugan, staying at temples throughout the empire and meeting many random peoples. A few years into his travels he encountered a man named Raichou. Raichou was a masterful archer and a ronin. He claimed to spend his time hunting bounties for the magistrates. Raichou took Hayabusa on as an apprentice and taught him about the law and combat.

Two years ago Hayabusa entered the yearly archery contest held by the Brotherhood of the Wasp, a band of ronin archers who hunt criminals for the emerald magistrate. During the tournament Hayabusa defeated all commers and was invited to join the brotherhood. He has since made his way in the world by hunting fugitives from justice and training hunting animals for the gentry. Recently he has been seen hanging around Shiro sano Kakita giving away trained falcons and practicing his archery.


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