Legend of the Five Rings: Judgement

The Fabulous One's Journal part 2

As we made our approach towards the young woman, a stream of arrows filled her torso. While holding our ground, we spotted 2 shadowy figures run towards a small hill. Me and the ronin climbed upon horseback and started our chase.

A sound came from behind us, I stopped and turned to notice a figure riding towards us. I noticed the colors of the Crane, and continued my chase. When we finally made it around the hill we swarmed with bandits. As we held our ground, I was grazed by a crazed bandit. I pulled my katana back and stabbed him through his eye. Remorsefully, I sliced out the side of his face. A vile image I will not soon forget.

We assembled after the squirmish, and bounded back to the home of Hida Samanu. There we rested, after speaking to a Witch Hunter. We were told it would take 3 days, which of course upset me. But one of my stature dare not show my outrage over such a trivial thing.

For 3 days I visited the markets, walked the palace, and found a beautifully secluded area of the palace gardens. I spent most of my time there, playing. After the first night I sent a message to Shotaro. Telling him of my unfortunate situation, and my tardiness to the festival.

Finally, the third day arrived, and the witch hunter wished to forge the blade. The thought of forging this blade to new, gives me a sense on unease. I follow them to the forge, but on high alert. During the ritual, I stood, with blade ready.

After a few moments, the blacksmith turned to use and spewed forth green smoke from his orifices. A being of ethereal might spewed forth from the circle. I make my attack, and I graze him. A few moments the ghost reached out and touched the Daidoji. His face seemed to have turn black, then shifted back to normal. I felt a sudden rush of power wash over me.

I turned to see Hayabusa fire an arrow, the attack bounced off the ghost. The ghost brushed his chest off, leaving me a opening. I attacked again, only to miss. I then turned and saw the Daidoji ready an attack on the other side. We both stuck at the ghost’s midsection, and cut him in half.

The witch hunter sealed the lost soul in a crystal of jade. The daisho repaired, and the blacksmith recupperating. We set back off to the festival, after we agreed to let the Seppun go. I have a feeling the Shosuro was up to something, but saddly I have no evidence. I must make sure to keep an eye of him as much as possible.



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