Legend of the Five Rings: Judgement

Moshi Akemi Journal Entry 1

I arrived at Doji Haruki’s estate just before mid-day. The weather is hot and humid, it is no wonder that nothing of note happens here, for it is too oppressive to want to do anything. It seems that I will be travelling with a menagerie of others to the Bon Festival, as was discovered at the local tea house. The Dragon I have met before, Kitsuki Keikaze, we have sparred several times. It is always fun to see the surprise on his face when I surpass his defenses.Shosuro Kenzo is an odd Scorpion, quite nice to watch and listen to, but perhaps a little dense. Kakita Seiji is far too fancy, it makes sense why so many call them a clan of pretty ladies. The Phoenix Shugenja seems too aloof, maybe she was dropped on her head as a child; many times. Then there’s a ronin, Hayabusa, who not only has the eyes of a wolf, but smells of one too.

Regardless, the sake at the tea house was not too bad. I would have expected a finer craft from a town which clearly has the time to avoid being outside though. Then just as I was beginning to enjoy it, I caught that my drinks were being watered down, dishonorable dogs.

As dusk was settling, and we were leaving the tea house behind us, we heard a scream of true pain. It was jolting, and I immediately consulted the kami to find out what had happened, but their attitude was very bizarre. Not only were they frantic, but seemed uncharacteristically displeased to even be in the area. When I arrived at Lord Haruki-sama’s residence, the rest of the group I find myself with was busy investigating the scene of the crime. Apparently a thief had stolen the Seppun daisho that Haruki-sama was gifted.

We discovered that a lone woman, a rider on horseback, had been the one to take the daisho, and was already some time ahead of us, to the southwest, and into Crab Lands. We chose to pursue her though the night, going through the forest the straddles the Crab/Crane boarder. The whole time I watched the underbrush off the path, looking for the remains of dead children, as for some reason I expected to find that, and I have no idea why.

We encountered a Crab scout patrol who inquired what we were doing in the woods at night. I told them of our pursuit of the criminal to which they seemed dissatisfied, then wolf-man spits out a chain of lords and samas that leaves the scouts stunned and obedient to our wishes. They escorted us to the Crab village, where we continued to make inquires about the mysterious samurai-ko.

While we here I took advantage to visit a local sake brewery that did have some very good brews. Time was unfortunately limited and I don’t really recall what happened after we left there, but we followed several leads that turned fruitful. We found out the Inn she stayed at, then pursued her on a northern trail until, at last, we finally caught up our mysterious thief.



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