Legend of the Five Rings: Judgement

Letter to Shosuro Hisao

Esteemed Sensei,

This has been an interesting week. We arrived at the states of Doji-sama earlier this week. He was pleased with the war fan you gifted him with, and he looks forward to the next time you are able to visit his estates.

There was a minor problem, one my companions and I are currently helping Doji-sama resolve. A thief entered his home while we were away, and stole a treasured relic. The thief fled West, towards the nearby Hida village. After a hurried investigation, we chased the rogue and finally tracked her down.

I believe we may be close to resolving the problem, and hope to have more pleasant news for you in my next missive.

Shosuro Kenzo

Shosuro Cypher:

Doji Haruko has owned the daisho of Seppun Daiori for twenty years. It was a gift from Seppun Ayumi. There is strong evidence that it carries a strong curse. Our historians would do well to look into the history of Seppun Daiori, as there is likely more to his heroic acts than we know. Such information may be valuable in our dealings with his family.

We uncovered the thief, a samurai-ko named Seppun Kazumi. She claimed that she was sent to retrieve the daisho and destroy it. She would not give the name of the one who sent her, though all indications point to Seppun Ayumi. I would assume that Ayumi-sama discovered the true nature of her gift, and attempted to destroy the evidence in order to save her honor. She would, no doubt, be very grateful if this information were to be kept secret.

Kazumi-sama was killed after shattering the daisho. My shugenja companions do not believe this has destroyed the taint, however. In fact, they fear that shattering the cursed daisho may have simply created four cursed artifacts where there were once only two. We will seek out the help of the local Hida lord’s witch hunter in the destruction of the tainted swords, once we deal with Kazumi-sama’s killers.

As an additional bit of information, the local Hida lord and Doji Haruko seem to hate each other. While this is, I’m sure, public knowledge, it might be important to keep track of theis feud, should Hida-sama suspect Doji-sama of having been corrupted by the daisho’s influence. I do not think, with my present companions, that I will be able to keep his long association with the cursed relic a secret.



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