Legend of the Five Rings: Judgement

From the journal of Kakita Seiji

Along the road, the wind is gently blowing. Blossoms fall out of place, and are guided slowly across the ground. Shotaro bends down to pick the blossom from it resting spot upon his foot. He glances back towards me with a loving yet nervous stare. I walk towards him and slowly bend down next to him.

He whispers into my ear, “I have been given to another.”

As he stands, I notice a tear from from his cheek. I lead him off of the road, behind a couple of trees. Holding him tightly, he hides his face from me. Pushing his head farther into my neck. His sobbing breaks my heart, I couldn’t bare to tell him I too was given to another.

We stayed there until he was able to compose himself. I gently rubbed his cheek and kissed him gently. Never taking my eyes off of him. We just stared, never once saying another word. Just needing to be close to each other.

Before embarking again, I stared into his eyes and said ever so gently, “We will never be apart Shotaro. Our love is strong enough to weather the greatest storm. I will always be with you, no matter the circumstances. Betrothed or not.”

I held him one last time before we left for the estate of Doji Haruki. When we arrived, it was close to dusk. We were welcomed warmly. I spent time speaking to Doji-sama of his travels and of his times with my father. We were shown to our rooms, both Shotaro’s and my rooms were next to each other. We spent the night together.

As the sun rose, I left for the tea house. There were many miscreants from all over resting on their trip to the Bon Festival. I sat as far back as I could killing time before seeing Shotaro off. He was meeting his father at the festival earlier then I needed to be there. It was nice to have time to sit and ponder the events happening so quickly in my life. So I sat and played in the corner.

Game: I left to the tea house to ready my things, and see shotaro off. I met him at my room and we kissed goodbye. Wiping a tear from his eye, I stared into his eyes and smiled. He left the room, and I readied my things. As I left, the miscreants were also heading toward the main house when blood curdling scream echoed through the courtyard. I ran and readied my blade, only to find Haruki-sama bent down crying. A blade given to him, was taken. I helped Haruki-sama back to his room, after intertogations from the Scorpion. I distrust the Shosuro, I have a feeling he is up to more then just riding to a Festival. After leaving Haruki-sama, I went and interrogated the groundskeeper to find that a woman with long black hair rode by in a hurry. I met back up with the others, and traveled through Crab territory chasing after the woman. We found her room, only to find nothing.

Along the road we found her, she had broke Haruki-samas blade.  She was Seppun.



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