Legend of the Five Rings: Judgement

Gift for Shosuro Hisao

Honored Sensei,

Forgive the briefness of this message. The matter that Doji Haruko asked us to look into took longer in resolving than I first thought it would, and now we must hurry to reach the estates of Seppun Ayamu in time.

You will be pleased to know that we were able to successfully resolve the matter. In addition, we took part in a sacred ritual and laid a lost spirit to rest. It was more than we could have hoped for. Haruko-sama will be very pleased when we return his property. I’m sure Seppun Ayamu-sama will be equally pleased that we are able to do so in her home, during the festival.

I am saddened that you will be unable to join us this year, Sensei. I have sent you a small token as a keepsake from our travels. The weaponsmiths in this village are astounding. They can reforge blades as if new, and their skill in the crafting of traditional Crab weapons is unparalleled. Please take the time to run your hands over the fine detail work in this tetsubo, and know that I will represent you with honor at the forthcoming festival.


Shosuro Kenzo

Shosuro Cypher: Seppun Kazumi was not dead.  My shugenja companion was able to reach her in time and heal her wounds.  I defended Kazumi-sama while my other companions dispatched her assailants.  --  While I stood guard, I quickly devised a ploy that would keep most of the information gathered from becoming public.  I bound Kazumi-sama and placed her unconscious body on her horse.  I then wrapped the now shattered daisho carefully in a cloth and tucked it into her belt.  My goal was to return to the Hida estate and ask for the aid of the Lord's Kuni witch hunter.  Should questions be asked about the daisho blame could easily be placed on the samurai-ko.  I think it best to involve Doji Haruko as little as possible in this, as his discovery of the curse upon the blade would ruin any leverage it might give us against Seppun Ayame.  --  Upon our return Hida-sama was suspicious.  There is truly no love lost between him and Doji Haruko.  It would behoove us to gather more in-depth intelligence on this situation.  --  I was able to convince him that we were not there as agents of Haruko-sama and that we placed no blame on him for the thief's dishonor.  We merely sought his aid in destroying a cursed artifact.  He seemed mollified by this, and to my great pleasure, much too distracted by the situation to inquire too much about the daisho.  As far a he is concerned, we were on a mission to catch a thief, and when we did, we discovered she had a cursed daisho in her posession.  That the daisho was, in fact, the item she stole, seems to have slipped his notice.  --  When we searched the bandits, we found orders upon their bodies that commanded them to kill the samurai-ko that would be traveling by that road, and to return to their master (who remains unknown) with her weapons.  Furthermore, I discovered Seppun Kazumi's orders while I was tying her up.  Although they are also unsigned, the hand that wrote the two notes is clearly the same.  I have included the note I found with this letter.  Perhaps our more learned scribes can glean more of its origins.  The other note, unfortunately, is in the posession of Moshi-san, and I would not be able to send it to you without arousing suspicion.  I will recreate the markings of the cypher and send them along, in case you may recognize it.  -- As for Kasumi-sama. I released her, but warned her against returning home.  I hope she heeds my warning, as she may prove a valuable asset in the future.



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